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We are not representing the patient voice, we are the patient voice.  

IFAA (pronounced I-F-A-A) is an AWARD-WINNING, global nonprofit focusing on autoimmune and autoinflammatory diseases with arthritis as a major component. As patients ourselves, we understand the community issues that need to be addressed; as current and former educators and business professionals, we understand how to develop and implement solutions.

Whether we are creating ways to get patients more involved in research or launching global awareness and education campaigns, we are constantly finding ways to improve the lives of those affected by these diseases. 

Community focus

 "ACT" aims to develop collaborative strategies between researchers, industry, and patients that can lead to improved treatment outcomes and a better use of research dollars.   It also explores ways to involve a larger patient population - not only patient advocates. This November we took the conversation between patients, researchers, and industry LIVE and invited the entire patient population to join us. Next, we interview industry to determine their barriers & benefits to patient collaboration and analyze all of the viewpoints.  Phase one, or ACT I, will commence in February 2017 when we host on online Round Table between patient groups, researchers, and industry to review project findings and establish a plan of action for 2017 collaborations.  Learn more

IFAA Takes Patient Involvement in Research to a Whole New Level

After working with bioethicists, IFAA concluded that insurance companies cite research to justify low cost recommendations, however, only patients who meet a general patient population criteria are used in the clinical trials used as credible research.  A patient doctor has an ethical responsibility to treat to the individual uniqueness of a patients' needs, including if they are atypical - or do not present the same as other patients in the general patient population.  Therefore, when an insurer forces use of a treatment not shown to be beneficial in atypical patients, and denies a doctors appeal for a better suited treatment, this crosses ethical boundaries. Learn more

As research into the immune system has advanced, diseases once thought to be "autoimmune" are now considered "autoinflammatory", or a hybrid of both.  In recognition of these advancements, we have updated our mission and shortened our name to the acronym "I-F-A-A", followed by a description of our services.

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The International Foundation for Autoimmune Arthritis is ranked a Gold Level Participant with GuideStar.

Patients, what do you want to know about biosimilars?  As biosimilars come to market, patients have questions.  What are biosimilars? How do they work?  Are they the same as my current biologic?

As biosimilars enter the market, we understand you will have questions.  Let IFAA help answer them for you!    Learn More