September 7th, 2017

Due to leadership illness challenges, as of September 7th, 2017, the International Still's Disease Foundation (ISDF) dissolved and found a new home for all their resources under the IFAA!  Learn more

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October 2017

In 2011, IFAA became a nonprofit.  In 2012, the first full year after inception, we were recognized as the best "team" in the healthcare community.  Since then, we have been nominated for the same award each year, achieving "Finalist" status in 2017.  Learn more about our Awards and Leadership.


IFAA (pronounced I-F-A-​A) is an International Foundation for Autoimmune & Autoinflammatory diseases with Arthritis as a major component.

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what does ifaa do?

IFAA s is ranked a Gold Level Participant with GuideStar.

 We are not representing the patient voice, we are the patient voice...with a twist. 

IFAA (pronounced I-F-A-A) is an AWARD-WINNING, global nonprofit focusing on autoimmune and autoinflammatory diseases with arthritis as a major component.  

What does IFAA do?  Unique to IFAA is our foundation model.  We were founded by patients who have professional experience in business, education, and research.  So we use our role as patients to communicate with other patients in our community to identify the most pressing issues that need to be solved, then our own backgrounds to consider solutions.  Once the project has funding to move forward, we reach out to our "Global Network" of resources - which includes other nonprofits, patient advocates, professional experts, and our own IFAA volunteers - to establish the best TEAM and then, together, we develop and implement solutions.

Like other nonprofits, we do overall work in awareness, education, and advocacy, but we are strongly project-based and have a major focus utilizing patients to streamline research and to bridge that research to influence public policy. We are changing the landscape of healthcare and leading the way for 'next generation nonprofits'.

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