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Advocacy - When advocating for healthcare policy, it is dire that those making decisions that affect our care understand the specific needs and challenges we face - including how we differ and our needs differ from other similar diseases.  Many nonprofits are active in arena, so IFAA joins forces with many (See Coalitions), and together we advocate for patients.  We also published an Ethics of Step Therapy paper, where we proved it is the ethical right of the practitioner to treat to the unique characteristics of the patient, particularly if that patient does not meet the general patient population standard that was tested in the clinical trial cited by insurers to justify forceful use of a less costly treatment.  At a time when agencies are "measuring value" to back insurer's treatment recommendations, we are using this publication to ensure the patient is what is valued most.  Learn more about our Advocacy efforts

We use our own disease understanding, in addition to advice from patient volunteers and the disease community, to help us identify the most pressing issues that need to be solved.  Once we develop a project and raise the funding necessary to address the problem, we enlist the help of other patient advocates, nonprofits, advisors, and subcontractors  (called the Global Network philosophy) and go to work. 

Global Network-  ​IFAA joins forces with other community leaders, nonprofits, advisors, and subcontractors regularly, especially because we are highly project based (rather than raise funds for an overall mission).    Learn more about our Global Network efforts

Research - ​IFAA does not only advocate for research and participate in patient-centered research efforts, we have actively been involved in research activities & coursework so we can better understand the process and, in turn, are able to join forces alongside researchers and industry as leaders and decision makers in the research project.  Learn more about our Research programs

Awareness & Education - ​While we have several initiative underway to enhance awareness about these specific diseases, a primary focus is to differentiate them from other similar diseases.  This includes differentiating arthritis types, specifically between the well-known degenerative arthritis and autoimmune/autoinflammatory arthritis (#LearnArthritis), and developing ​early disease detection models based on shared disease traits that include common autoimmune and autoinflammatory symptoms (over 100 diseases) + arthritis as a major component ,which narrows it down to a small number (Early Symptoms Study).  Learn more about our Awareness and Education programs

IFAA is not like any other nonprofit.  We are patients who use our background experience in business development, project management, education, and research to identify and solve community problems.  Also unique to IFAA, is we are highly project based (rather than raising funds for an overall mission), so we constantly are joining forces with other community leaders, nonprofits, advisors, and subcontractors to ensure we produce the best outcomes possible. From the way we have created our unique organizational model that puts the patient at the heart of all we do to implementing projects that are changing the landscape of healthcare, we are leading the way for 'next generation nonprofits'.

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