IFAA's pilot program, #LearnArthritis, is the start of a global campaign to boost awareness to a level that can shift current world views and undo decades of misunderstandings surrounding the word arthritis.  This should help patients gain more understanding and support from peers and the public, as well as lead to earlier detection, referrals, diagnosis and treatment.    LEARN MORE


At the core of IFAA is the underlying need for more awareness.  With more awareness about Autoimmune/AutoInflammatory Arthritis and associated diseases, including better public and supporter understanding of the symptoms and overall progression and limitations of the diseases associated with, the following is possible:

  • Earlier detection, referrals, and diagnosis.
  • Eliminate the common misunderstandings that these diseases are limited to one area of the body, only affect joints, and can be put into remission with minimal attention to disease management.
  • Help patients better manage their diseases and help prevent unnecessary frustrations.
  • Media and product advertisements will begin to differentiate these diseases, particularly clarifying that the joint pain is different than in those patients with OA.  OA involves joint pain once cartilage is worn away; Autoimmune Arthritis causes joint pain from initial onset, because the tenderness is a result of inflammation on a cellular level. 


Media Awareness Hotline.  Any false or incorrect information published or broadcasted about the autoimmune/autoinflammatory arthritis and associated diseases can be reported to IFAA's Media Awareness Hotline for further investigation.  Our internal team will review each report and, if determined there is cause for correction, will work towards a resolve.  Learn More

Early Symptoms of Autoimmune Arthritis Patient-Centered Research Study.  This investigation was led by IFAA to collect more information about the earliest symptoms, as reported by patients who have been diagnosed with RA, AS, PsA, AOSD, SS, and/or SLE. The goal of this study is to establish more recognizable early symptoms, which will result in earlier detection, referrals, and diagnosis.  Learn More

Public Speaking and Expert Panelists.  IFAA regularly participates in events and conferences as speakers or panelists.  If you would like to book IFAA to attend your event, please contact Tiffany@IFAutoimmuneArthritis.org