patient inclusion in research

general mission focus

At the core of IFAA is the underlying need for more awareness.  With more awareness about Autoimmune/AutoInflammatory Arthritis and associated diseases, including better public and supporter understanding of the symptoms and overall progression and limitations of the diseases associated with, the following is possible:

  • Earlier detection, referrals, and diagnosis.
  • Eliminate the common misunderstandings that these diseases are limited to one area of the body, only affect joints, and can be put into remission with minimal attention to disease management.
  • Help patients better manage their diseases and help prevent unnecessary frustrations. 
  • Media and product advertisements will begin to differentiate these diseases, particularly clarifying that the joint pain is different than in those patients with Osteoarthritis.

community projects

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We use our own disease understanding as patients, in addition to advice from volunteers and the disease community, to help us identify the most pressing issues that need to be solved.  Once we develop a project and raise the funding necessary to address the problem, we enlist the help of other patient advocates, nonprofits, advisors, and subcontractors  (called the Global Networkphilosophy) to create the best team to implement solutions.

awareness and education

Patients face issues in healthcare such as having access to treatments and ensuring there is adequate funding for disease research.  IFAA is a major contributor to bringing the patient voice to the front lines.  From attending Capitol Hill fly-ins, such as with the American College of Rheumatology, National Coalition of Autoimmune Patient Groups, or Friends of the National Institute of Dental & Craniofacial Research (FNIDCR), to sitting on coalitions, we have our finger on the pulse of advocacy efforts around the world.  Our major areas of focus include:

  • Access to treatments, including issues surrounding step therapy, non-medical switching, and biosimilars.
  • Patient voice inclusion in policy and regulatory decision-making

featured projects

While many organizations fund research, IFAA aims to be part of the research team.  Current trends in research do include involvement of the patient to some degree and IFAA is in the center of all efforts. From designing our own patient-inspired projects, to assisting industry and researchers with design and dissemination, we are a go to nonprofit for anything "patient-centered" in research.  

In addition to specific projects, IFAA works on several initiatives in the following areas:

Since many organization worldwide, and hundreds on social media outlets, already provide support for patients living with autoimmune and autoinflammatory diseases with arthritis as a major component, we do not host our own support groups.  However, we understand the value of support and, therefore, we are always available via social media or at to help patients with support-related issues.  Additional resources to help others understand the limitations associated with these diseases can be found here.

ADvocacy/public policy issues

IFAA strongly believes in teaming with other organizations in order to achieve the best results in regards to community issues those affected by these diseases face.  We are proud members of over a dozen Coalitions.  View the list of Coalitions

IFAA is not like any other nonprofit.  We are patients who use our background experience in business development, project management, education, and research to identify and solve community problems.  In each project we take on we join forces with other community leaders, nonprofits, advisors, and subcontractors to ensure we produce the best outcomes possible. From the way we have created our unique organizational model that puts the patient at the heart of all we do to implementing projects that are changing the landscape of healthcare, we are leading the way for 'next generation nonprofits'.


we solve community problems